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2019 Titled Events


  29/0331/03E & ATournament SeminarBELAntwerpOK
  29/0704/08E & AUnder-21GERBremerhavenOK
  18/0721/07E & AOpen ChampionshipsESPSesenaOK
  25/0728/07E & A35+ ChampionshipsGREIoanninaOK
  12/0818/08WorldOpen ChampionshipsMALPutrajayaOK
  28/0801/09E & AYouth ChampionshipsMONRoquebrune-sur-Argens2
  12/1014/10WorldBeach GamesUSASan Diego (jump only)OK


E&A Tournament Council handles the organisation of the Tournament Competition Calendar

It is IMPORTANT that all Federations register their competitions according to the instructions below.

All competitions must be registered for on the TC website - E&A COMPETITION REGISTRATION
Competitions can only be registered by Federations.

If your Federation has lost or forgotten the password please contact E&A TC web administrator - for a reminder!

The E&A TC will allocate Competition Codes for all registered competitions. 


A) The following types of competition must be registered prior to the 6th November 2018 for the following season:

  1. E&A Titled Events - E&A TC will add them to the Calendar, but organiser need inform contact details.
  2. Cash Prize Competitions open to skiers of more than one Federation where cash or goods to the value of a total exceeding 2,500 € or its equivalent in other currency are offered as prizes.  These will be marked "CP1 or CP2" on the Calendar (CP2 from 2,500 to 7,000 euros and CP1 more than 7,000 euros). 
  3. International Record Capability (RC)Competitions.

 B) The following types of competition must be registered prior to the 15th JANUARY 2019:

  1. International Ranking List competitions.
  2. Competitions open to skiers of more than one Federation and containing in their title the words "Championships(s)", "Criterium", "Masters", "Classic" or other words deemed by the TC to imply a high level competition, regardless of the homologation level. 

NOTE The intention of this rule is to make sure that the Calendar includes all competitions where the expected standard of the skiers will produce results which affect the top places in the Europe & Africa or World Rankings Lists.

C) The following types of competition must be registered at least two weeks in advance of the competition date:

  1. National events with Normal, RL or RC homologation (note RC subject to E&A Additional Rule 7.2.c.d)
  2. International Normal homologation events

There is no charge made for registration of competitions up to the date of the time frame shown above.


International Competitions cannot normally be added to the calendar after May 31st
However, Federations may apply to the Europe & Africa TC for special permission to add an International competition up to 30 days before the proposed start date of the competition. The Europe & Africa TC will decide if the competition is allowed to be added to the calendar. In the case of Cash Prize or Record Capability Homologation, the organiser must submit the names of their proposed jury panel at the time of the application.

If International competitions are added/amended to the Calendar after the Europe & Africa Congress, the following fines will be levied :

  • Fine for adding after Congress - 150 €
  • Fine for adding a Cash Prize 1 event after Congress - 400 €
  • Fine for changing dates or place of a competition after March 1st - 100 €
  • Fine for cancelling an International competition after March 1st - 200 €
  • Fine for changing a National Competition to an International Competition - 150 €
  • The fine for cancelling EC or E&A Championships will be according to the Letter of Agreement.  

If after competition has been held, and the Homologator and Calculator has not make sure that all end course photos, homologation dossiers, scorebooks, ranking list files, jump times etc. are uploaded to the correct destinations (It remains the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that end course and trick videos are uploaded).

  • Fine for the competition upload need to be done by the TC - 100 € (per tournament)

These fines are to be decided upon by the relevant Council who can deem that a “force majeure” situation voids the fine. The Council will send the list of the approved fines to the EC Office, which will send the invoices to the Federations concerned. 

Important To Remember:

Full information on the event must be sent to all appointed officials no later than 60 days before the event to enable them to purchase the most economical rate air fares. Should the information not be sent in time and the officials be unable to obtain the most economical rate, then the organiser shall be responsible for the excess. 

An organising Federation cancelling or changing the date or venue of a Calendar competition less than two months before the original date on the Calendar, becomes responsible for reimbursing any substantiated expenses necessarily incurred by Officials appointed by the EC for the competition. 



All Record Capability tournaments must be submitted for sanction at least 30 days before the start of the tournament. Optionally, L tournaments may be included as well.

Submit a Record Tournament Sanction Form

See the list of all submitted Ranking List & Record Tournaments

For any questions email to IWWF TC Chairman:


All Elite tournaments must be submitted for sanction at least 30 days before the start of the tournament. 

Elite Event Criteria
Elite Ranking Criteria

Submit an Elite Tournament Sanction Form

For any questions email to IWWF Tournament Council Chairman:

E&A Competition Registration

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