Ranking List Description


The World Ranking List is a list of the best men and women skiers in each event ranked by performance.
A Junior Ranking List is also produced for skiers meeting the Junior age criteria and based on skiing under Junior Rules.
An Under 21 Ranking List is also produced for skiers meeting the Under 21 age criteria and based on skiing under Open rules.
35+, 45+ and 55+ lists are also produced for skiers meeting the age criteria and based on skiing the appropriate age division rules.

The ranking is based on the average of each skiers' two (2) best scores from two (2) separate tournaments and two (2) separate sites. Only one score in each event is considered from each tournament.


Each IWWF Federation sanctions Record Capability or World Standings List tournaments from which the performances are taken. Performances are taken from scorebooks and submitted by the sanctioning Federation or Confederation. Any trick score over 11,000 points must be performed in an Record Capability (RC) tournament to be qualified for the Ranking List.

If a skier records only one qualifying performance, he/she will not be eligible for the list.
Ties on the ranking list will be broken by taking the highest score first to break the tie, then backed up by the second score, then the third score and so on.


If a performance in an Ranking List tournament exceeds the current World Record, it will be placed on the ranking list as one increment below the current record. If a record score is made in an Record Capability tournament, but is subsequentially rejected then the corrected score shall be used.

A separate ranking list overall will be calculated on the basis of fixed scores in each event on a tournament by tournament basis. This means that an overall score can only be achieved for the list by having an overall performance at a tournament. Event scores from multiple tournaments will not be combined to calculate an overall score. An overall score shall be from a single round of a tournament. The rounds of a tournament shall be set by the organizers and are NOT based on the first time a skier skis in a multi round tournament.

Ranking List Overall Event Score Basis.


 MEN (Open, U21, Junior)WOMEN (Open, U21, Junior)
SLALOM1.00/58/9.75 (73 buoys)1.00/55/10.25 (67 buoys)
TRICKS11680 points8580 points
JUMP67.8 meters50.5 meters


The 35+, 45+ and 55+ divisions basis as specified in the 35+ World Championship Rules.

The maximum number of rounds which can count for the rankings list or records is limited to 3 (except head to head) at any one competition - meaning consecutive days at the same site.

To be eligible to be on the ranking list, a tournament must post the IWWF Homologation Dossier within 30 days of the tournament.

To be eligible to be on the ranking list, a tournament must post the results within 30 days of the tournament.



October 31

This is the closing date of the list. Only performances on or before this date are accepted in the current year's listing.


December 31

Each Federation is sent a listing containing all performances by that Federation's skiers. The Federation must verify all these performances and submit any corrections with appropriate documentation.


February 28

This is the closing date for any final corrections.


March 15

The finalized list is published and distributed.


April 30

A second list will be published using this as a last performance date.


May 30

Final publication of the April list.


Europe & Africa Ranking Lists

E&A TC will publish only one official Ranking List per skiing year.

Results included are from one skiing year - from 1st November to 31st October.
ie. for 2017 Ranking Lists scores are taken time period from from 1st November 2016 to 31st October 2017.

From E&A Ranking Lists and Results webpage you will find Ranking Lists from year 2005 and Results from year 2008.

Competition results website is showing current year Dynamic Performance Rankings as events has been held (these lists are updated weekly basis).